I was born in the Maritimes and one of seven girls in my family. (no boys) I’d consider my upbringing to be the reason I’ve struggled in my life to believe in myself. Encouragement and self-worth were not something my parents instilled in me.

A healthy relationship with my parents’ is something I’ve never had. As I’ve mentioned before my family is extremist for religion and this is something I can’t relate to. (my belief in God I will never deny) I’m a firm believer that equality is for everyone. If you are a man or a woman or white or black we are all human. In this case, we are the same.

Because of my childhood, I learned to fear men. Trust in men and people is something I work on every day. Lack of respect is a deal breaker. I’ve been married for nineteen years to my high school sweetheart and I owe it to him for helping me learn to deal with this fear. As a child, I remember telling myself “You are good. You aren’t what they say you are.” It was my stubbornness and inner self-talk that help me get this far in life without becoming destructive to myself. Our parents play a big part in molding us into who we become as an adult. When I think of my childhood and who I am today, I’m thankful for the little girl who fought to believe in herself when no one did. You can either become a victim of circumstance or you can fight to break the chains of dysfunction, or abuse or whatever it may be. We don’t have to become what we are told we will be. We have the choice to follow in our parent’s footsteps or become greater.

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