You guys! This book. It’s. Wow. Seldom are there books that touch on the cruelty of slavery just as this one does. I have to say, it’s quite open about it, and you may flinch. But you will also be touched and moved by the way the slaves carried on, knowing that someday, they would be granted their freedom. There are also few books where a born and bred southern belle is vehemently against the institution. I was quite touched by Willow who reminded me of Scarlett O’Hara in her fiery nature but was also touched by her compassion and determination to free the slaves she has been surrounded by her entire life. You really do come to feel a kinship with the lead characters and you’re brought to Charleston, you really feel a part of the life there. It’s both a wonder and uncomfortable, because well, you’ll have to read to see it. There’s adventure, history, twists, turns and everything you could possibly want. This is a truly amazing novel, the first in a series and I guarantee you, I’ll be reading those too. I’m totally in this. And, it must be said, I absolutely love how well researched this is. As a history buff, it is truly a joy to me to read something that is accurate.

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