My Mistakes

For every book I write, I spend countless hours researching to make sure my work is as accurate as possible. I send my manuscripts to be evaluated by a historical fiction specialist before it goes through my editors and proofreader. All of whom specialize in historical fiction. Even so, a mistake was missed in Book 1 of A Slave of the Shadows. South Carolina is known for their beautiful ancient live oaks. The oak trees are one of the things I enjoy about my yearly trips to Charleston, South Carolina. In chapter one, I made a mistake and referred to a live oak as an angel oak tree. The correction has been made but all copies sold before June 19th, 2018 will contain the error.

“Our dog Beau had found himself some shade under a moss-covered angel oak tree, where he lay panting.”

Excerpt From: Naomi Finley. “A Slave of the Shadows.”

Thanks for your understanding.❤️

The southern live oak tree famously named Angel Oak is located on Johns Island in South Carolina.

The Angel Oak In South Carolina

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