LOVE ENDURETH MUCH: A Novel of the Civil War

(Book Three: Letters From War)

~ One woman laid claim to his past, but another wanted his heart and his future…

Lured by the bounty of enlistment in the Union army to support his impoverished family, William Tucker committed himself to three long years of war, only to see his sacrifice reduced to nothing when he receives a letter from home that changes his life forever. Broken by wounds and debilitating sickness, William must set aside the divisions within his family and the Quaker community he once held dear, as well as the painful guilt of his past, to discover the happiness of a new life that seems to lie just beyond his grasp—one that lies in the love of a woman he once scorned to marry another. From the bloody battlefields of the Civil War to the gently rolling hills of eastern Pennsylvania and its scattered Quaker communities, Love Endureth Much tells a story of broken hearts and new beginnings, of finding love in the most unexpected of places… at the end of hope.






Scott R. Rezer was born in Doylestown, Pennsylvania in 1963. He met his wife and best friend while serving in the U.S. Air Force. They have two grown children and live in the Southwest. He is an indie published author of seven historical fiction novels ranging from the Civil War to the Crusades to ancient history. Two of his books have garnered Editor’s Choice selections by the Historical Novel Society (The Leper King and Shadow of the Mountain).


The Leper King Book (Book One: The Magdalen Cycle)

​Editor’s Choice Selection—Historical Novel Society Reviews (February 2015)

Shadow of the Mountain (Book One: The Children of Ararat)

​Editor’s Choice Selection— Historical Novel Society Reviews (August 2015)


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