As a young teen girl, I wrote stories as a way of escape. Raised in a strict home and the daughter of a preacher my home life wasn’t one that brings back warm memories. Writing took me away from my reality.

I never dreamed of being an author but it was something I thought back on and remembered how much I enjoyed it. As a person, I’m passionate and creative. After the death of my father, life changed drastically. With his death came burdens that hindered my everyday life and it changed in ways I’m still trying to deal with.

A year and a half ago I lost the man (father figure) that meant everything to me. He was my # 1 fan. In 2015, he lost his battle with cancer and during the two years of being a caregiver to him, he taught me so much. His outlook on life alone was an inspiration. His strength and courage until the very end changed me as a person. (Yes, he is my Jimmy in A Slave of the Shadows☺️) As a successful businesswoman, and a mom life is beyond busy. We can all relate to there not being enough hours in the day.

The stress of losing so much in a few years along with the stress of running businesses, to my kids getting ready to go out into the real world, I decided I needed to do something I enjoyed. It was on a trip in Hawaii and while sitting on the beach one day it came to me. I couldn’t go on being stressed to the max. I needed to rid myself of the stress and find an outlet.

At first, I thought I’d like to write a self-help book for the everyday woman. (That is still something I want to do.) Then, the idea of A Slave of the Shadows came to me. Leaving the beach that day I went to the nearest Barnes and Noble and purchased a pen and a beautiful notebook. The rest of my vacation I plotted and built my characters. The building of characters is one of my favorite parts.

Since that day I’ve never turned back. In just over a year, I’ve written three novels. (I write YA under a different pen name) It has become who I am. My mind is always mapping out my next novel. Characters with depth are a must for me. They say writers write how they think. I’ll admit, I’m guilty of dissecting a person to see what makes them tick. Studying people gives me a better understanding of their behaviors.

As a reader, I have to be excited by a novel. So as a writer I try to grab my readers within in the first line or two. When I dream my dreams are like a movie. Hollywood would make billions if they could get inside my head. (Haha) I write each scene as if they were a movie. When we read we want to get lost in the world the author creates. In writing, I strive to do this for my readers.

Now can we fast forward time so I can share A Slave of the Shadows with you. I’m tired of waiting.❤️

Happy reading,








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