I’m excited for the release of my first novel. I will keep you updated on the release as soon as I know the date. As a child, my parents, my 6 sisters and I traveled often throughout the USA. We lived for a short period of time in Tennessee in a plantation house. I believe this was the beginning of my love of the antebellum era. Since a child, I have had the travel bug and a love for the history that the south holds. As a young girl, I lived a life that was more restricted and in my opinion a life of solitude. I am and always was a dreamer. For years, I have been thinking I’d like to write a novel. I knew if I did, my first one would embrace the history that the slavery/ antebellum era held. Last year, I woke up one morning and decided this was something I really wanted to do. So, to my already jam packed schedule I set my dreams and passions to the pages of this novel. In this first blog, I want to especially thank my friends and my family for all the support and love they have shown me. A special thanks to my beloved husband for always being my #1 fan. Much love to all.


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